Montemar School Of Design                                                         Lima, Peru

Industrial Design

​School of Fine Arts                                                              Denver, Colorado

Visual Arts

Art Students League                                                           Denver, Colorado

Anatomy and Oils (Kim English)

Portraits in Oils (Margaretta Gillboy)

Landscapes (Doug Dawson)

Oils (Sandra Kaplan)

Pastels (Tony Ortega)

Watercolor (Rick Brogan)

Drawing (John Lecicki)

Abstract Painting (Dale Chesman)




A native of Peru, Maria Elena Kaplan's art and photography captures the character and color of her native land. Living between Denver, Colorado and Lima, Peru, she encapsulates a unique connection of light and spirit between the American Southwest and the Peruvian Highlands. Maria Elena shows her work in Lima, Denver, and Zurich.

About Maria Elena Kaplan

  • 21st Century Gallery                                              Denver, Colorado
  • The Evergreen Fine Art Gallery                   Evergreen, Colorado
  • Phil Gallery Linda                                                 Edwards, Colorado
  • Summer Market Fair  (2008-2012)                   Denver, Colorado   
  • All Colorado Art Show  (2012)                             Denver, Colorado

           Curtis Art and Humanities Center  

  • The Spirit of Peru  (2010)                                     Denver, Colorado

           Curator and Artist for  Consular General of Peru

  • Center for the Visual Art (2009)                       Denver, Colorado

            State College of Denver

  • Women and Their Art (2000)                       Evergreen, Colorado
  • Into the Night  (1998)                                             Denver, Colorado